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Welcome To GS Lanyards (Lanyards.com.my)

Here at GS Lanyards (Lanyards.com.my), we supply only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world. We take pride in our products, and we promise to offer the finest customer service you will experience anywhere. We don’t want your business for just one order. We want you to be a repeat customer for life. We do not carry stock lanyards or preprinted designs. Each lanyard design is created when you order it. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with any further questions you may have.


We offer free and straightforward advice about which lanyard will work best with your logo or design before you order and will help to get your lanyard artwork ready for production free of charge as part of your order. All we need is your logo.


  • Fully customizable with no character limit / charges
  • Free Pantone color matching on ALL orders
  • High quality lanyard fabric materials

What Is Lanyards

Lanyards, in their simplest form, are strips of material or rope that are generally used to secure something, often by means of a suitable clip. In the context of sports or activities such as climbing or sailing, the lanyard may be used to secure lines and raise and lower things such as sails and shrouds. The elastic cables with hook clips on the end that you may use to secure items to the roof rack of your car are a form of lanyard.

The most common place to find lanyards these days is in the workplace. They consist of a chord or strip of material (generally polyester or possibly nylon) that is worn around the neck or wrist and are produced with a plastic or metal clip used to hold onto an item such as an identity badge holder, containing ID cards used in many workplaces around the world to allow staff to carry their ID in a visible way. They can also be used to secure keys, mobile phone, ski lift passes, whistles or even cameras.

The beauty of the modern day workplace lanyard (sometimes referred to as neck straps) is its combination of simplicity and functionality. Not only are they widely used for workplace ID management, but they can be personalised. In other words, businesses can have their company logo and/or message displayed on their neck straps. This is a great way for people to quickly identify staff members for example at an exhibition stand or maybe even in a retail environment. We have even had customers remark that they use them as a stealth marketing tool, raising the profile of their brand and increasing brand awareness during conferences, exhibitions and other public events including music festivals and sporting events (anyone for tennis, Wimbledon fans?). When used in your business, branded lanyards can help towards providing a sense of unity within your workforce.

Our Profession

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Time 85
Delivery 75
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